Adam’s First Hockey Game

Last night we had the chance as a family to go to a hockey game. We’re into playoffs so the games are exciting and loud.

You would think that being Canadian we would have already taken Adam to such an event but we wanted to make sure he was at an age he’d enjoy it.

Brian’s work arranged a “hospitality suite” for us and these seats never disappoint. It’s a private box for large groups. The person who arranged it made sure we had the best seats in the box. Right at the front.


Adam has been to this venue before for a Wiggles Concert and a Monster Truck show however there is a different feel when it’s set up for hockey. It’s actually a quite awesome venue to have in the city. For hockey I seats around 9,000 people (give or take).

When the teams hit the ice for warm ups Adam got very excited. It also got very loud and he quickly asked for his headphones.


Adam got into everything yelling “Go Knights Go!” dancing during he music, clapping and of course jumping off his seat and cheering when we scored.

He was fascinated with the mascot who appeared on the ice, on the display screen and was all over the area. Adam kept asking where he went.

I told Adam that he might be a lucky boy and he might come and see us.


Adam got a handshake and a fist pump and was briefly scared of him but quickly got over it.

(I knew he would be coming to the box because he always goes to all the hospitality boxes for photos and such).

We had such a great time cheering and eating popcorn. It was so much fun and Adam was great through the whole thing.

As much as I’m not a die hard hockey fan I think we’ll have to take in more games as a family.


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