The Great Bed Debate

This is a debate that is shared by busy parents, students and many people of all different situations.

Do I go to bed now, or do I start cleaning. I could leave it until the morning but it will still be there when I wake up. Technically it’s almost morning now so it’s becoming a debate of do I do it early in the morning or leave it to later.

This can be a hard debate. The idea of a relaxing day off tomorrow quickly disappeared when I came home from
work to nothing really being done. The sound of snoring is coming from Adam’s room which means that maybe the night wasn’t good and Brian is sleeping on the bedroom floor. Score! A bed to myself tonight. Granted that means in the morning there will be no sleeping in for me because Brian will want to try to “catch up”. So that means the later I stay up to clean means the less sleep I will get. I’ll be tired, but then if I leave it to tomorrow I’ll be tired.

Somedays no matter how you spin the argument you will never get the right answer.

At least Forrest Gump is on again for the 5th night in a row and it’s where I fell asleep last night so I can at least see a bit more then I saw as I passed out.

Maybe if I stare at the mess a little longer it will clean up by itself. Maybe if I fall asleep the Sparkle Fairy will come and take care of things.

Who am I kidding? The sparkle fairy is probably sleeping.


One thought on “The Great Bed Debate

  1. Haha, this is so true!

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