May Fitness Challenge

It’s almost like all the way down in Atlanta, Valerie over at knew exactly what I was doing in my life. Within a week of joining a gym she challenged her readers into a fitness challenge for the month of May.

How can I resist a challenge?

Over the past few days I have been thinking of 6 things I would like to achieve by the end of May.

  1. Visit the gym at least 3 times a week for a minimum 30 minutes per visit. 
    I feel as if this will be fairly easy for me. I purposely joined a gym that is open 24 hours Monday – Friday night and then open on the weekends. I have a gym bag packed so that on the way home from work I can stop in and get a workout in. My workouts will probably be happening late at night but I think it might be the best time to do them in the quiet of the night. It is also within walking distance and they have a child minding service in the morning so I can take Adam with me and do a workout in the morning if I choose to.
  2. Continue to work with my personal trainer.
    When I joined we were offered an introductory package for personal training. It involves a few sessions, and analysis of your body and life and assistance in setting goals. The personal trainer designs a program for you, that you can continue regardless if you work with them and they will still check in with you every 6-8 weeks to see how you are doing. I initially was just going to do this introductory sessions and then venture on my own. I was hoping secretly that I would hate this guy and not want to work with him. This backfired because I LOVE HIM! It’s been awesome to have someone correct my form and show me how to get the most out of what I am doing. My next session we will be looking at the next level of packages and as much as it’s going to hurt financially in the long run I think it’s about time I spend some serious money investing in my health. The great thing is he has a very sincere interest in helping me achieve my goals and he proved that when we happened to be at the gym on the same time. It was his day off yet he kept pausing his own personal workout to come over and check on me, make sure I was enjoying myself and wanted to know if I needed help. This guy deserves my money and if I have to re-mortgage the house to keep working with him I just might.
  3. Try at least one class
    The selection of classes the gym offers is quite nice, there is everything from Jillian Michael’s Body Shred, Yoga, Zumba, Cross Fit, Weights and the list goes on. Eventually I would like to try every class at least twice to see what I enjoy but in the month of May I would like to try at least one organized class.
  4. Lose 5 pounds
    I feel as if this goal is set very low but then I will end up blowing it out of the water! Realistically we should only be trying to shed a pound a week. My trainer has designed a workout that will burn a lot of fat however will “keep me tight” as I lose weight. I know muscle weighs more than fat so it is possible I could lose fat, gain muscle and only move a little bit on the scale.
  5. Include 2 Fruit servings and at least 5 vegetable servings per day
    This is a goal that I chose from a list set out with my personal trainer. I have been able to accomplish this a few times so far but I need to be doing it consistently.
  6. Plank for at least a minute
    My first session I planked for a whole 7 seconds, my second session I was able to hold it for almost 21 seconds. By the end of May I would like to be able to hold my plank for a minute. I think that is an achievable time.

I am so glad this challenge has come up when it did. I had planned to set out on this venture on my own in September. I wanted to spend some time when Adam starts school investing in myself. I went in to price it out and walked out starting on this project several months earlier then I planned.

So far I have not regretted the choice and I am wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. I have tried many times on my own to make lifestyle changes but now I feel like I have a well structured plan that can be developed and modified as I go along. I have a whole cheering section and people who will keep me accountable. The staff at the gym make me feel like they have a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. It makes me feel awesome going in and having staff come over and just say “it’s great to see you again Shannon, how are things going.”

I am committed to making a lifestyle change, not go on a diet. I need to stay on this journey this time and I really feel like this time is different.

If you would like to join in the May Fitness Challenge here is the link . I am excited to share with you my successes as well as failures as I invest in myself and work towards a better and healthier me.


6 thoughts on “May Fitness Challenge

  1. Loving it!!
    I’m formulating my goals still…so far I’ve come up with four. 🙂
    By the way, have you joined Sparkpeople? ( It is amazing!! You can join teams, track your food and your fitness, write blog post entries, make friends with similar goals, etc! AND, it’s free! I’ve been a member since 2006. 😀

    • I might actually have a profile on Sparkpeople but I can’t remember. I use My Fitness Pal for tracking my food and I have a FitBit and spend some time on their groups.

      I’m excited to read your goals! It should be a fun May.

      • Oh good! I’m glad you have groups you are in! 😀 I think that is key.
        It’s definitely going to be fun!!

  2. How has your challenge been going so far?

    • It’s been going very well Sasha. Thanks for asking. I’ll be posting updates weekly on the weekends. I’ve had to adjust one of my goals already but that is due to things out of my control. I’ll be also writing about that on the weekend.

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