They Said Apples Were Good For You

Last night my iPhone died. The screen went wonky with blue lines through it.

For at least the past month I have been debating and researching new phones. There was nothing before last night that was wrong with my phone, however I have been without a contract for almost a year now and have been tempted to resign with my provider with a wide array of offers.

The debate was between the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Note 3. There were things I like about both however lately I have been annoyed with Apple. My
iPhone wouldn’t hold a charge and kept crashing. Doing anything on it seemed impossible. The Note was tempting for features such as working in two windows at once (yes you can look at your calendar and write and e-mail at the same time) and the fact that it had hand writing recognition which will turn your notes to text is very appealing to anyone who takes notes.

I decided to go with the Note knowing that if I really didn’t like it I could switch back to an iPhone.

Now I stand here asking why would I want to do that. The ability to customize the phone to exactly what I want and need is mind blowing to me. I’ve had the phone for only a few hours and I am a converted soul and I haven’t even gotten as in depth as I can.

Brian said the best thing today while discussing my switch –

Using and iPhone is like playing in a sandbox with Nerf toys. Using Android is like being given sharp tools to play with.

Oh yes – I have sharp tools that I think will make life much easier to organize and stay on top of.

Not to mention fun with a very cute pink case.

I enjoyed my IPhone while I had it. Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes change is good.

In this case Apple isn’t as good for me as I once thought.


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