A Pedicure By A 3 Year Old

My boys made yesterday very special for me. I was treated with breakfast in bed and given a great gift of Bose Sport Headphones for the gym. The boys let me go for a great workout in the morning.

We had a wonderful lunch with both Mom’s and Grandma’s as well as all the siblings.

But my favourite part was the pedicure given to me by Adam. I mentioned I wanted to work on my feet. Yes work, after the long winter and wearing steel toe shoes at work sometime my feet get neglected.

Brian set up the foot soak and took all my stuff downstairs for me. We put on a movie but Adam wanted to participate. He wanted to soak his feet, and help me sand my feet.  I probably could have convinced him to rub my feet for me but I didn’t want to torture the child.


His favourite part was painting my toes for me. He loved it so much that he even asked to have his toes painted.

How wonderful it was to be pampered by my boys.

One thought on “A Pedicure By A 3 Year Old

  1. How sweet! He did a great job on your toes. Time to shop for some sandals!

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