It’s OK to Nap

Apparently Adam missed the memo that it is OK to take a nap.

It’s been well over a year since he stopped taking his naps but there is the odd day like today that I can clearly see he needs one but he just won’t let himself have one.
(This is where my Mom is giggling and thanking Karma.)

If we go on a walk, no problem having an afternoon nap in the stroller. In the car it takes less then 5 minutes for him to pass out. Sitting at home his head is nodding, he’s rubbing his eyes and he just won’t let himself nap.

Adam even admits he’s sleepy but again, no nap.

Today I even tried quite serenity music and I sat in his room like we do at night, we had a nice quiet 20 minutes but he just wouldn’t venture to dreamland.

Little does he know that I miss his naps and the little break it gave me during the day. I also miss the chance to accomplish tasks. Today is the first day of a new course and I would love nothing more then to dive into the text and get a head start. It would be nice not to have to stay up all night doing homework . . . Oops silly me. I must have started dreaming there myself.

One of these days Adam will be grown up and kick himself for all those missed nap opportunities.

So kid if you want to nap, go for it. You’ll be the envy of the world. Or at least most working adults who would give their arm for an afternoon nap.


4 thoughts on “It’s OK to Nap

  1. Do you Have go to Sleep Jeff?? put it on it works every time!!

  2. What about with a calm show on tv, sitting on the couch? Tried that? It’s funny because my 2 1/2 yr old has been dropping his nap lately, which has made his bedtime much earlier, and his wake up time later in the morning. I LOVE it!!

    • It turns out Valerie I birthed the energizer bunny. I’ve tried quiet “snuggles”, In the Night Garden which works at bed time, music, quiet time in bed with a book and nothing. Last night he went to bed at about 8:30 ish and woke up this morning at 5:30! I tried to get him back go sleep for an hour before I gave up. He sleeps through the night no problem, but when he’s ready to be awake there is no stopping him. I’m hoping he sleeps until at least 7 am tomorrow but we’ll see.

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