A Question Worse Than Why

I have discovered a question worse then they “why” question so often posed by kids.

I honestly don’t mind the why question. We’re not in that stage yet with Adam but with the Internet and current technology I will have the answer to every why question posed to me.

I have entered the firey depths of the what question. This question is starting to push my buttons and drive me to the points of actual headaches.

A current typical conversation with Adam:

Adam can you pick up your blocks please.


The ones on the floor.


The ones in front of the piano.


Are you serious kid? It’s not like we have a wide variety of different pianos in the house. These questions are usually posed as he’s standing right over the item in discussion.

This exchange can go back and forth with upwards of 10 or more what questions.

It really feels like he’s delaying, avoiding or just flat out being a smart ass.

Sure there are times and places for the WHAT question but this week that word is going to make my head explode.


3 thoughts on “A Question Worse Than Why

  1. I completely agree. I will say something to Skyla and she constantly says “What?” as if she hasn’t heard me but I know she has…its like nails down a chalk board.

  2. Haha, this is too funny! My daughter is only two and not clever enough to think of this one yet! 🙂

  3. I don’t think they grow out of this. My older kids (7 & 8 yrs) still say that, usually when I tell them to do something. I’m imagining they will continue to do this when they’re teenagers.

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