May Fitness Challenge – Week 3

We’re almost done the May Fitness Challenge. This week was a better week and I hit a milestone that I was aiming for.

I PLANKED FOR 1 MINUTE!  This is a huge thing for me because planking is hard. For those who don’t know what a plank is the photo illustrates it.

plankI held that position for 1 minute. I thought I was going to die. . . ok maybe an exaggeration but I almost didn’t make it to a minute but I was working out with some friends and they encouraged me and boom a minute passed, but not without moaning and groaning. I am quite pleased to knock that goal of my list.

I may have figured out a way to work with a personal trainer and get guidance without it costing me an arm and a leg. I have very often said it’s not what you know in this life it’s who you know. I have had many people volunteer to help me and the combined help may be just what I need. I also invested in the Personal Trainer’s Companion Book which is a full top to bottom, in and out for people who want to become personal trainers. So now I will understand what some of these people are telling me as well as have the knowledge of a personal trainer at way less of a cost.

As for losing 5 lbs we’re going into the last week of this challenge and it is not looking promising. (Honestly I’m not going to beat myself over it because I am up to about 9 pounds lost since I started the gym so I am making progress.) The big issue is muscle weighs about twice as much as fat. So I am losing weight but also gaining muscle so just because the scale doesn’t move doesn’t mean I am not making progress. I won’t lie though, I would like to say I lost the 5 pounds.

I have my workouts planned for this last week of the challenge as well as one planned class to try. Today I also started a 12 week program. I am going to try something slightly different with how I am tracking my eating and routines and see if this helps at all with progress. You set goals for the end of 12 weeks as well as weekly mini goals. It also ditches technology and goes back to the great old pen and paper method. It might be what I need or I might go back to technology to help with my workouts. We’ll see at the end of 12 weeks!

I hope everyone’s progress has been well. It’s the last week so let’s make this one count.

Don’t forget to check out Val’s Blog at Atlanta Mom of Three. After all, she is the one who organized this challenge!


One thought on “May Fitness Challenge – Week 3

  1. I know just what you mean about the muscle/fat weight! That can be frustrating but it will eventually figure itself out! Way to go on that plank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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