Being Mom

I am Mom.

I am Mom to Adam who I am so blessed and lucky to have in my life and he will always be my number one son and priority.

However by bringing him into this world I have become a motherly figure to many of my coworkers.

They call me Mom, they ask for Mom hugs and want to talk on bad days. They want to celebrate their wins with me and just share in the time we have together at work.

I don’t mind being Mom at work. It’s a privilege and an honor that these friends are comfortable enough with bringing me into their space.

This really hit home last night when a coworker wasn’t feeling well and wanted to know what they should take. Of course being the “Mom” I am I felt his forehead and told him what I thought he should do.

Another co – worker kinda giggled and his reply was that he couldn’t ask his own Mom right now and that I was a Mom and would know what to do.

Turns out he was feeling much better today, and appreciated my advice.

As much as I dislike my job at times, I love these guys who are in my life and respect me enough to call me Mom.


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