Yes That IS my Child


Yes that is my child and yes he’s wearing his bear slippers.

He thought they made good shoes.

Who was I to argue? Some fights just aren’t worth fighting and the smile on people’s faces when they noticed made me happy I didn’t fight his decision.


5 thoughts on “Yes That IS my Child

  1. Costco! We were there yesterday 🙂 And oh gosh, his bear slippers are awesome! As long as Madeline is wearing a shirt and pants when we go out that means we’re ready to leave, haha.

  2. They match the rest of his outfit perfectly! Too cute!

  3. This is something that I have still to figure out. I want him to look presentable in public even though most of the times it is not worth the trouble of arguing with him.

    • I’ve given up. I try to let him wear whatever he wants. He’s expressing himself and I don’t want to suppress that either. The art of negotiation is key especially for fancy affairs but most of the times it’s whatever he wants goes.

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