Peekaboo With the Moon

Over this weekend we will be experiencing a super moon. This occurrence isn’t as rare as it sounds but it’s a pretty cool thing. As I sat on the patio reading my book, which just happens to be The Astronauts Wives Club, I stood up and the moon was out looking just fabulous.

Those who have known me since I was younger know I have a fascination with space and the moon. I was going to be an astronaut and nothing was going to stop me. Well that was until I found myself in algebra and trigonometry. I love falling asleep with the window open and the moonlight shining on me.

I decided to pull out my camera and try to snap some photos. With my set up getting good photos of the moon is hard, as well as most professionals will tell you their moon pictures are actually composed of several different shots with varying exposures to make sure all the highlights and shadows are captured correctly.



For just an entry level 55-200mm lens I’m pleased with this photo. Another big thing which I have to investigate is when reviewing my photos some of them had spots on them, which could be dust on the sensor, or issues with the pixels on the sensor. It could be on the lens as well. I’m actually very happy about discovering these spots because I am shooting a wedding in a few week and that would be bad having unwanted spots on the photo. 


The sky was clear for maybe a whole 5 minutes and then the clouds started to roll in and we started to play peekaboo. 

The one thing I wish I could have captured tonight were the fireflies that were flying all around me and right up to my face and camera. They were beautiful creatures to see up close, and unfortunately there weren’t enough to capture with a slow exposure, but they created a magical experience under this beautiful moon.


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