Introducing Adam, or maybe Robot


This is Adam, or maybe Robot.  His name has changed 3 times so far but anyways it could end up being hamster.

A few times I’ve taken Adam into the pet store and asked him if he wanted a hamster or guinna pig. He keeps saying no which was fine by me.

Today when we went in he asked if he could have a hamster.  He had this look in his eye and said it would make him so happy to have a friend. (Our cats hate him and avoid him at all costs)

He also has me in the palm of his hands today as yesterday there was a bit of a traumatic visit to the emergency room for him. (Mom – Adam is fine so don’t worry)

We called Dad and Dad said no. He had valid points so the answer was no for the morning but then when Adam and I sat and had a talk about having a hamster I caved, not to mention he snuck in how he was upset over yesterday’s events. Smart kid he is.

So I am no doubt in trouble with Daddy when he gets home and probably my Mom for not telling her about yesterday yet and Lord know who else I might have made angry today.

But Adam is so happy,  he was in tears of joy when he was thanking me for buying him his “rat”

And really that is all that matters.


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