Sacrifice The Equipment

I have come to a realization that to truly appreciate and use your photography equipment sometimes you have to sacrifice it. Now maybe lately this hasn’t worked out well for me as I am sitting on a several hundred dollar flash that is broken because I dropped it. Brian fixed it once but I’m not sure it can be fixed again. I let children play with my camera, luckily it has not broken yet. Adam loves to carry it around and take pictures. I don’t want to tell him no because I want him to embrace this creative side and how can I tell him “no you can’t be like Mommy.”

Well again I put my equipment to the test. What was suppose to turn into a few fun photos of Adam playing in the pool turned out to be a little bit more. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking – 01


Now keep in mind to get the previous two photos I was laying on my stomach on the ground.


Can you guess what happened just after this photo was taken?


Yes I got up and ran, and grabbed a bucket to defend myself.




For those who are concerned, my camera dried out and works just fine. Sometimes you gotta take risks and do silly things with your camera equipment to get the shot. 

I am so glad I did!


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