YouTube and my Child

I love YouTube. It’s full of the most amazing funny,  sad, moving and stupid videos out there.

If you need to fix something you can search it and chances are someone has put up a video tutorial.  If you need to know how to put on makeup you can find that too. A 3 hour mash up of cute kittens, there are hundreds of those so don’t worry about finding that.

There are many times I hate YouTube as well.

Take this morning for example. Adam asked me – “Find video of Orange Wall-E robot dancing. ”

What? A search of Robots dancing, I kept turning on different videos and I was greeted with “Mommy, that’s not the right one. ”

The sad part is I know he is right. There is a video he saw with either Daddy or Gramma that has an orange Wall-E robot dancing.

Thank heavens the phone rang and it was Brian. I asked him and he told me to search for You Think You Can Dance Russia.

So with the right direction I found the right video and Adam jumped off the couch to enjoy and dance along.

We’re watching it for the 5th time now. And it is pretty good.

I don’t really hate YouTube, without it I never would have known this video existed.

Wait here we go again – I’m suppose to find a video of dancers in black suits with white painted faces . . .

Oh boy.


3 thoughts on “YouTube and my Child

  1. Funny! My son does the same thing, wanting to see a specific video that he watched with Daddy. “Needle in a haystack” moments

    • I’m toying with the idea of setting up an account just for Adam, give the password to everyone who watches videos with him and then when he loves a video we can favourite it and then easily go back to it. It took me a chat with my Mom to figure out the white face and black suit video. It was by the same guy who did the video posted.

  2. […] a while back Adam was asking me about a dancing Wall-E robot on YouTube. I had no idea what he was talking about but after hunting I finally found it and he was […]

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