Review: First Love

First Love
First Love by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this book. I wanted to love this book.

But as I have discovered before, James Patterson’s writing is getting repetitive and sloppy. I do wish he would go back to writing one or two GREAT books a year instead of co-penning 5 or more books in a year.

This book tries to capture the excitement of first love however it lacks details.

Two cancer surviving teens decide to run away across the country stealing cars. It sounds like a plot that could be interesting but it falls flat. The story jumps from one city to another with very little explanation and adventure in between. And why are the kids sleeping in the car when at the end Axis states that she could use her credit card to fly them back across the county to get back to “their hospital”. Sorry last time I looked a Motel 6 cost $50 a night. Cross country flights were thousands.

I wanted more detail of how they survived. The conversations they had. Was Axi’s father not worried? At the end Axi returns home and there is maybe 5 pages dedicated to that event and how she survives without Robinson.

There was so much potential to be had with this book and no one grabbed it and ran with it.

It was a quick summer read but I really feels as if you could do way better in a choice of book.

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