A Water Garden Adventure

Yesterday we went on an adventure to get some Koi for a friend’s pond.  It is a bit of a funny story however not to her. A big blue heron has been picking the big fish out of her backyard pond.

I laugh, she is angry.

So we went out to a water garden down near the beach that I have driven a past 100 times but have never had a reason to go into.


It was beautiful there. It’s hidden and after driving through a forest it opened to a large area with water plants, fish, frogs and turtles.


Adam loved inside the green house. All the water features you could hang over or sit on the ledge and the fish would come right up to you.


I of course loved all the pretty things to take pictures of.


And Marissa loved the field cat who was ever so friendly.

We ended up taking two Koi home and got them into her pond.


The tiny fish in her pond at home love to give kisses. There were at least 50!


Of course Adam wanted fishy kisses too! He giggled and giggled as they kissed and tried to nibble his fingers.


So the fish are now in their new pond. Adam and I will go over in the next week to visit and feed the fishies.

As long as the blue heron doesn’t sweep in and take the new fish, I’ll be happy.

Granted if he does I’ll probably just laugh anyways.


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