Expired Chip Day

Expired Chip Day use to be an awesome day.

USE TO BE. . .

What is expired chip day you ask? It was a day I use to look forward to at work. On expired chip day there is a surge of excitement. It can be one of two events.  If both of these events happen on the same day it’s like winning the lottery.

It can be the day that the vending machine guy comes into restock. If there is anything expired he just takes it out of the machine and leaves it on the lunch room tables for you to have for free. SCORE!  The other event can be even better because not only are there chips but also pop. I don’t drink pop any more so the latter doesn’t hold as much significance to myself personally. But it is the day where the store goes through the stock on the shelves or in the storage area and discovers expired pop and chips. Same concept, it gets written off and left in the lunch room for all to enjoy.

Yesterday was expired chip day. The chips in question expired within the past two weeks. If they were in my cupboard at home I’d eat them. At 10 PM when my shift finished and there were still a few bags I snapped one up for the drive home.

Now maybe it’s because I really am not eating a lot of normal chips lately.  Kettle cooked and popcorn chips have been the go to snack. Or maybe it was the fact that I wolfed them down so fast driving home. The third option I hate to think of but maybe the chips were really expired!

Whatever it was within an hour I was running to the bathroom and my night was broken up into tiny cat naps,  a visit to the toilet and then a chugging contest of pepto bismol.

This morning came and the situation is questionable.  I’ve still not eaten but I’ve only had to chug a little pepto bismol so that is positive.

I sent a text to my sister (have I said how awesome she is?)

I asked if she could come sit with Adam after she is done work for an hour or so. I need a nap seeing as calling into work sick tonight is not an option for me.

She’s going to do one better and take Adam away for a little bit!

Have I mentioned she’s the best?

Maybe by then I’ll be able to eat something and sleep and be at least half productive at work.

I wonder if consuming expired chips at work and then getting sick constitutes a work place injury.


2 thoughts on “Expired Chip Day

  1. oh yuck!! I’m so sorry!! are you feeling better?

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