Kissing Summer Goodbye


Technically Summer doesn’t end for another 3 weeks or so but really this Labour Day weekend marks the end of Summer. Starting tomorrow routines will start to fall into place. Schools starts again for many, regular hours return to offices and we will notice the shorter days, cooler temperatures and we all know what is right around the corner.

On Saturday we gave Summer a final kiss goodbye. We spent the day down at Port. We were invited to a cottage on the private beach so we jumped all over that opportunity and then my Dad on the same day hosted a BBQ, the last hurrah as he called it.

We sat in the sand and dug holes. We watched birds fly overhead. We closed our eyes and listened to the waves and picked up all sorts of interesting rocks.

It was a wonderful way to finish the Summer. Adam doesn’t start school until later in the week so we still have a few days before we have to tackle the adjustment of school.

I hope you all had the opportunity to give Summer a long kiss goodbye. Hopefully everyone was able to take a few moments this Summer to take a break, take a breath and really enjoy those around them.



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