Clothes Shopping for a Giant

So it turns out my kid is big for his age.

This I have known for a while. He’s not obese by any means and the doctor has no concerns.

He’s actually built pretty well. He’s built solid. Today while shopping people were confused with why he wasn’t in school. Most people pegged him as a 6 or 7 year old. Imagine their surprise when they discovered he’s not quite 4.

This in turn creates a whole challenge of dressing the kid. The 5T pants are the right length but are too tight in his hips. He can’t pull them up and down by himself easy. The XS in boys also was too tight but the right length. We found size 6 sweatpants at Oshkosh which will work. Again their size 5 was too small.

My child will be forever in sweat pants because Jeans and Dress pants we had to go up to a size 7 or 8 to get them on him but then they would all have to be hemmed.

I remember when clothes shopping for him was fun. You’d go in check the weight on the tag, hold the onesie up in the air and go yup – that’ll fit.

He’s due for another growth spurt and I’m sure he’s going to bolt straight up and solve my pants dilema. At least that is what I am hoping for.


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