Getting Ready For School

So tomorrow is the big day (sort of) –
Adam goes to school!  He starts tomorrow with a half day and then goes for his first full day on Friday.

Today I deemed “anything goes” day. I wasn’t going to be too strict and we were going to relax as both of our worlds get turned upside down this week.

We had to do some preparation for school. I went on a labeling binge and I took his new clothes out of the bags and I’ll take the tags off later.  Typical first day prep stuff.

There was one maybe strange, possibly over the top thing I did.


I did a child identification kit. This includes fingerprints and a DNA sample as well as a picture and all of Adam’s vitals.

No I don’t think anything bad is going to happen but Adam has started to say things that worry me.

A few weeks ago we had to call a “Code Adam” at the grocery store. This is a practice most retailers observe for the safety of children. If your child gets lost and can’t be found quickly staff will call this alarm and lock the doors. No one is allowed to leave until the child is found. Turns out Adam thought he was playing a great game of hide and seek.

Adam has commented several times that if the teacher makes him angry he’s going to walk home. Awesome,  I also see him maybe walking to the Tim Horton’s or even over to G.G.s house because he’s bored with school.

I see him sneaking away during recess or slipping out of the class. I guarantee this is going to happen once.

I’m actually quite excited for the next few days.  I have some things planned I can’t quite divulge yet and some serious downtime for myself.

I had a good cry last night but I think I might be done with the crying.

Only tomorrow will tell.


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