Off To School


It’s hard to believe that my little Adam has started school. This photo was from his first day last Thursday. (You would think I suddenly have a ton of free time, but it’s taken me this long to post a first day picture!) He is loving school but at the same time I can see he’s having a bit of separation anxiety. He has asked me the past few days if I could go into the class with him. Today when I said no he responded “But Mommy I miss you and I don’t want to be alone.” Talk about ripping my heart out. So the past few days he wants me to hold his hand while he stands in line to go into class. I have been doing this because the second he sees his teacher he lets my hand go and seems to have no problem going into the school. When he comes home he tells us all about how the day was. When I pick him up the teacher and early childhood educator make sure to contact each parent individually and give feedback on how the day was. So far everyday has been a comment like “he’s done great” or “awesome day today”.

School is exactly what he needs. As much as it is hard to hear that he misses me because I miss him as well, he is thriving and having fun. He asks every morning if it is a school day and when we can go. The mornings about every 15 minutes I am asked if it is time to go to school. These are all fantastic signs and they make the days a little easier.

I personally have a few things in the works that will make this separation anxiety a bit easier. I can’t blame the kid because I get him from school, eat dinner then run off to work or I work all weekend.

Those however are topics for a blog on a different day.


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