Adam Quotes

Adam just makes my heart melt.

This morning I was annoyed with him. He woke up at 4:30 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep.

Awesome kid. This Mommy is working 15 days in a row to transition to a job that will hopefully allow me to be home more evenings and weekends.

But this morning you made my day.

First you insited you clean my floors for me. So you happily mopped the living room and dining room floors.

Then when we were waiting outside your school you said –
“Mommy you don’t need to go to work today. ”

“I replied that if I go to work while you’re in school I can stay home after dinner.”

Adam replied “But you should really go home and scrapbook while I’m at school.”

Kid the size of your heart is so big. It makes me so proud to be your Mom.

And it makes the 4 am wakeup calls a little easier.


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