The Kid Was Right Again

Remember a while back Adam was asking me about a dancing Wall-E robot on YouTube. I had no idea what he was talking about but after hunting I finally found it and he was right.

Well today at the dinner table Adam was laughing and going on about a man with spaghetti hair, a cheese nose and a pizza mouth. We asked him what he was talking about and he kept saying Aiken Drum.

Brian and I were baffled. What is Aiken Drum? I told Brian to Google spaghetti hair and pizza mouth.

Low and behold – Adam was right again. It was a song he learned at school. There are many different versions but I am assuming his teacher used the Raffi version.

I need to stop second guessing these things Adam says because he’s always right.

So for your enjoyment here is Aiken Drum

Aiken Drum, Madeline L Pots: 


One thought on “The Kid Was Right Again

  1. I can’t count the times where the Kid talks about something he saw or heard somewhere and I didn’t believe him only to find out that he had seen/heard it. The reaction he gives us to when we say “You were right” is quite possibly the funniest thing we have ever seen.

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