Big Kid, Little Bed


When we were picking out Adam’s furniture for his nursery we chose a crib that converted into a day bed then ultimately a full (or double) size bed. When we converted it to a day bed we were hoping to get several more years out of it before we had to convert it to a full size bed.

Well the kid won’t stop growing and and we’ve decided it’s time to make it a big bed.

Adam is just running out of room and if he wants his Chucky bear in bed with him there isn’t enough room. His arms hang off the side and even a few times he has gotten all squished up in a position that can’t be comfortable.

Adam picked out the new bedding (there is an item in the photo that gives away the theme) and tomorrow the frame and mattress is delivered.

It’s just another milestone that marks the fact that Adam is growing up way too fast.


2 thoughts on “Big Kid, Little Bed

  1. We had to convert the Kids bed into a full size bed before we were prepared to. It wasn’t fun because it was a very real sign of just how quickly our little one is growing up.

    Good Luck!

    • Thanks! If there is one thing that is awesome about this is we will have another bed in the house. So now when Adam crawls into bed with us instead of Brian having to go to the couch he can now crawl into Adam’s bed. Maybe we should have done it a long time ago.

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