30 Days Without Facebook

I suddenly and abruptly deactivated my Facebook Account. I was going to do a Vlog to document my 30 days without Facebook however I discovered this wasn’t as novel of an idea as I thought. I decided to stay on Twitter as well as continue to Blog but there was no Facebook.

I found I was spending too much time on Facebook. I was always checking it to see what I “might” be missing. There were times that I felt overwhelmed, angry, irritated and all sorts of emotions that one day I just went – WTF!

The first day was hard but then I started to discover as the days went by that I didn’t miss it. I really had no interest in going onto the site. It really made me start thinking about those in my “inner circle”. Who did I think about and who did I not talk to?

It was very interesting because those I did meet up with we actually had things to talk about. We had real conversations. News still made it to me, conversations still happened. Connections were still there.

Facebook does make it easier to stay connected. I realized that some people who I wanted to talk to I didn’t have their cell phone numbers or even current e-mail addresses.

It was very interesting that when I sat down at my computer I was actually productive. I sat down and did my homework, or responded to the e-mails I was supposed to.

I found myself more relaxed and sleeping better. Can I say 100% that Facebook was interfering with my emotions and subconscious – NO. But then again how do I not know that I wasn’t part of some “experiment” that is messing with my News Feed.

It was interesting to see who noticed I was gone, who asked questions. Those who have 900 friends didn’t notice I was gone, others did.

This has been interesting because when Facebook came out I hated it, I actually created an account then quickly deleted it because it wasn’t something I was interested in. I came to the point where it was something that everyone was doing and I figured I should be on the wave.

So now I am at a crossroad, and the part that I totally hate about the situation. I have reactivated my account, because there are many people from my old job that I want to keep in touch with. I am going to miss my hugs and laughs and at least through Facebook I can send a virtual hug and keep in touch. There are those who I want to keep in my “inner circle”, those who reached out and asked questions and those who I missed seeing their pictures. Then of course is the list of people who I think I would just like to “unfriend” (and let the drama begin! Have I mentioned how much I hate drama?)

I have decided in the mean time to set up some rules for Facebook in my life and see if I can actually live with it again (because I won’t lie – it was nice not being its slave). If it seems I’m not posting as much, you’re probably right. I don’t need to announce to the world every time I feel like crap or every time I am off to work. I am trying to only check once a day and I am also imposing a 30 minute max rule. That is a lot of time to be on Facebook in a day. If I do go on it, the timer starts and at the end of 30 minutes I’m done. So far, I quickly check it, answer a few things and am done in 15 minutes. The app is not being re-installed on my phone as well as notification e-mails are being ignored.

I think I will be building my Rolodex of contact information in the meantime and getting the phone numbers and e-mails of all those who I might want to shoot a line to, see a picture of their cute kid or meet up for coffee.

I can’t promise I will be on Facebook forever but for the time being I am back.

We survived so long without Facebook I think it is possible to go back, at least I am confident that if I choose to live life without Facebook I will be ok.

One thought on “30 Days Without Facebook

  1. I can’t count the times I’ve considered deactivating my account! It seems to take over our lives and we tend to forget the real face to face conversations! Good for you!

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