The First Mug Shot. . . I Mean School Picture

For some reason Adam’s school had their school picture day 4 days into the school year.

It turns out Adam was also home sick that day.

I wasn’t to upset because there is always a retake, he isn’t in his class picture which is sort of sad but such is life. When it came down to getting him in the picture or nursing his 103 degree fever we chose the latter of the two.

The next day he was much better but little did I think that they would squeeze him in between the old grades photo session. I didn’t put a nice shirt on him or tell him to brush his hair that morning. When I filled out the order form I let him choose the colour he wanted for his background.

So here is what we ended up with. –

cm1And I LOVE IT!

Not all photos have to be great photos to make you fall in love with them.



3 thoughts on “The First Mug Shot. . . I Mean School Picture

  1. Lego Batman shirt! This is so much awesomer than a plain dress shirt! And the hair, and that half smile… this is how all school photos should look, like how they go to school everyday. I hope you buy lots of copies of this gem 😉

    • I did buy a huge package! Plus I have the disc with the original on it. I know exactly what he is thinking in this picture. I assumed I was going to do a retake when I heard they took the photo but I love it as it. You are right. That is exactly how all school photos should look. The children in their true form.

      • Oh man, they offer the CD now? That’s awesome! I always wished they would just take a class photo in the classroom, even as a kid it felt like we were getting our mug shots taken. Super uncomfortable ’cause the photographer was always an old creepy guy trying to fix my hair.

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