10 Thought Thursday

I have seen other bloggers do this however I can’t remember if they do it on Tuesday or Thursday. Whatever it doesn’t matter because I am going to do it today. Lately my mind has been so scrambled and overloaded that blogging has been pushed to the side. So here are just some crazy random typical thoughts that have popped into my head this morning.

  1. Sleep is not my friend. It seems that I either pass out at 8 pm and wake up about 7 am or I go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 4:30 am. There is no explanation for this. It’s driving me nuts and I would just like to get into a routine where I feel rested and refreshed.
  2. Why can I never get my coffee at home to taste as good as at the store? I picked up the McCafe Keruig K Cups because I am liking McDonald’s coffee more than I do Tim Horton’s right now. However no matter what coffee I get it never EVER tastes as good as when they make it.
  3. Why is life so busy? I switched jobs to make life a little less complicated and less busy. Well the past few weeks we were without an Assistant Manager in the store so I ended up racking up a lot of hours which isn’t a bad thing but now I am looking at the calendar wondering when I am going to squeeze in a birthday party for Adam. Then many things are popping up with Brian and well time is just not our friend either right now.
  4. Crap I need to do some school work. I kinda keep forgetting about that. I am either really far ahead in my course or really far behind. As if I am retaining anything that I am reading I have no idea. Thank goodness the Midterm and Final Exam are both open book.
  5. How many times can a guy get shot and not die? I just finished the season 9 finale of Bones. Holey moley was it amazing and a doozy. One of the best finales I have seen in a long time. However I sit wondering how many times in 9 seasons can a guy get shot multiple times, survive a brain tumor, car crashes and such and still survive. Not that I want Booth dead but they guy has to run out of lives at some point.
  6. WORK DAMN COMPUTER! I am typing this on my laptop while I try to finish off the annual video I do for the organization I volunteer for. The computer worked for all the hard parts and video editing. I just had to go in and cut a scene out and render the video again. Do you think the program will work? NOPE! I was going to upgrade because it really is time, the program is old and dated but I got what I needed to do with it, the hard part. It’s the easy part now that it just won’t do.
  7. How I long to Scrapbook. I have a computer to my right being difficult the laptop I am working on now and to my left is my scrapbooking desk with my Disney book screaming “YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE ME IN APRIL!”
  8. Ordering stuff online is great, but waiting is hard. It turns out all my watches are stupid, so I invested in a Smart Watch. I have been thinking about this for months and I was able to pick up the one I wanted online very cheap. The only problem is now I have to wait for the mailman (yes they still exist) to bring it to me. According to my package tracking it should be here today. Even better I will be home today to receive it.
  9. I was going to start a 365 photo project. Bahahahahahah. Hold on let me catch my breath, bahahahahahaha!
  10. I want to start watching Christmas Movies.  It’s too early, but there is a festive feeling in my belly growing stronger and stronger. Wait maybe it’s just indigestion. . .

One thought on “10 Thought Thursday

  1. #9 LOL! I’ve said the same thing sooo many times. You know what helps? Instagram, without even trying I’ve been uploading a photo a day.

    And same reaction to scrapbooking, I still haven’t finished my baby shower album… Madeline is 2.5… :\

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