Have You Thanked Your Child’s Teacher Today?

To be a teacher you must have a passion and certain personality. Many people said I would be an awesome teacher but I know I do not have what it takes.

I know Adam’s teacher and early childhood educator have a challenge. There are too many kids crammed into a small classroom. There are challenging children and challenging parents. I observe just short snippets and moments of this everyday and am amazed at how they don’t miss a beat. I watch teachers of other classes not only memorize all the kids in their class room but know all the kids in the grade they teach.

So going into Thanksgiving Weekend I thought I would do something a little nice. It didn’t cost anything except a few moments of time.


Adam has a planner that we can write notes back and forth. I love this idea. There have been notes about lunches and when Adam fell and bumped his head.  Tomorrow the teachers will be greeted with a happy message. A little sticker here and there and hopefully they will know how thankful we are to have them as teachers.

We also got a notice that tomorrow the staff of the school will be sharing apple and pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream with the students in a Celebration of Thanks for a great start to a school year.

What an awesome idea!

I hope everyone takes a moment or two to pause and think about those in our life who we are truly thankful and lucky to have sharing the moments with us.


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