Bring on the Christmas Season

Please don’t throw things at me but I am very excited for the Holiday and Christmas season.

For the first time in many, many years besides the year I was on maternity leave I am excited and without an inch of dread in my system.

I work in retail and this is usually the craziest more stressful time of the year. At least that is what I thought. But now that I am in the children’s clothing game and not a big box electronic store the rules have apparently changed.

It doesn’t sound like I will have to work the crazy hours I have in the past. I also won’t be working so late and so early. I won’t be working every single weekend and I won’t have to drive across town in a snow storm to get to work.

All of these won’ts means I will have time to watch Christmas movies and build snowmen. I’ll be able to sit and look at the Christmas tree when it’s up with a nice cup of coco. There will be cookie baking and I’ll be able to take time when signing the Christmas cards and really focus on what the season is all about. Family and Friends.

I will confess I have already listened to one Christmas album. Idena Menzel has a new one out. I highly recommend getting it!

Despite if you are ready to break out the Christmas spirt yet or not remember the big day is December 25th. Be nice to your retail associates and of course each other. 

And if you are ready like I am – Let’s Get Our Christmas on!


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Christmas Season

  1. I worked in TV news for the longest time and the holidays season didn’t mean much to me since I had to work the holidays. Now that it has changed I a much more appreciative. I think it takes someone who has had those holidays taken away like yours to truly appreciate the time of year.

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