The Early Bird With an Extra Hour

The Early Bird Gets the Worm but the First Worm Gets Eaten.

I hate being the Early Bird. Especially on the weekend that I could get an extra hour sleep. However I digress, with that extra hour I am sitting here trying to think of a good tax planning option for businesses for a discussion. I’m not even sure that I passed the midterm at the moment and I can’t even think of a good thing to discuss at the moment.

Oh how I wish I was sleeping.

Maybe I’ll dive into my text books, work on some bookkeeping or some photo editing.

This week will be a mission to get on top all the things I HAVE TO DO so next weekend I can do all the things I WANT TO DO.

I am always saying I need more time in life. I have an extra hour today and seem to be wasting it.

I think I’ll start with cleaning all the spots off my monitor. What the heck is that?

Spend your extra hour wisely today!

And if you are the first worm watch your back.


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