Time Change Havoc

I honestly was expecting havoc to be unleashed on Adam’s sleeping pattern when the time changed 24 hours ago.

Turns out he’s the one adjusting fine and I am the one who is not doing well.

After being up at 4:30 am yesterday. My body decided that maybe that wasn’t early enough so 12:30 am was the wake up time for me this morning.

I am trying everything in my power to fall back asleep but nothing is working. I am yawning but tired enough to sleep – NOPE!

I am having an argument with myself over starting to do work, or just sitting in front of the TV. Chances are I will pass out while watching TV. I am notorious for that. I haven’t tried eating yet. Maybe some food in my belly will rectify the situation.

Whatever my body and my mind think it is doing, it’s not cool. I need to be awake and alert tomorrow. It’s Monday. Adam has to go to school, I have to go to work and passing out at 6 pm tonight is not an option.

This better be a short lived blip in my sleeping pattern because I’m exhausted when I get 8 hours of sleep.

4 hours of sleep a night will make it look like I’m a cast member from the Walking Dead.

If anyone would like to come knock me over the head with any item of your choice, hard enough to put me out for a few more hours, the favour would be greatly appreciated.


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