The Meatball Dream

Adam has not been sleeping well. He has a cough that wakes him (and me) up several times a night, despite our best efforts and every home remedy in the book we just can’t get it to go away.

Tonight was like any other night. I was woken at 11:30 by a little guy crawling into my bed, the sound of whimpering and then the not so gentle wrapping of his arms around my neck. I swear he was trying to pop my head off but with my arms around him he calmed down and fell back asleep.

Brian took Adam back to his room in an attempt that I could get a few hours of sleep.

Fast forward to 4 am. There was the known cry of a bad dream. I stumbled into Adam’s Room and hugged him and asked him to tell me all about his dream.

Apparently Mommy was giving all the meatballs to the bigger kids and I wasn’t giving any to Adam. In his words “it was a horrible, bad dream.”

It took every ounce of what energy I had not to laugh in the poor guys face. He asked me to “fill him up with a little bit of love” and when he had enough cuddles rolled over and asked me not to leave.

So even though I’m going to be dog tired today. I grabbed my book and curled up on his chair so he could feel some comfort and get a bit more and hopefully restful sleep.

It’s been nice to just sit and read for a few hours and looking up to see my little guy sleeping and to watch him makes waking up at 4 am not such a bad thing.


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