That Plan Backfired

Today is my first day off from work in 9 days. When my eyes popped open at 5 am I wasn’t upset but excited. My body and brain are rested. It’s early, the boys are still sleeping so I’ll slip downstairs and get a head jump on my way to long to – do list.

It wasn’t 30 minutes before Adam came downstairs (the only thing at this point I accomplished was eating breakfast)

Usually I force him to go back to bed but getting him back to sleep is usually a few hour ordeal. He said he wasn’t sleepy and wanted breakfast. So I obliged but it was apparent that he was not done.

He got upset because Elf on the Shelf brought him the book The Snowman and the VHS to read and watch tonight. He swears he hates that book but he’s never read it. He then proceeded to whine and talk back about everything.

In 30 minutes he was able to drain my energy and optimism back to I wish I didn’t get out of bed.

So now I’m sitting in his dark room with Adam on the floor trying to sleep asking every 5 minutes “why am I still here” and “am I done sleeping yet”.

This is not how I planned my morning to go. To be honest I am very unhappy about it too.

We’re at 27 minutes. He better fall asleep soon or he’s going to be a real pleasure at school today.


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