Everything is NOT Awesome

Everything is Awesome!  Everything is great when you’re part of a team. Everything is Awesome when you’re living our dream.

Everything is Awesome. . . Unless you are these guys –


Brian and I combined had quite the Lego collection before Adam came along. Being avid Lego fans we kept our Legos from our childhood and continued to add to our collection. We have some pretty expensive sets including the Mindstorms Robot.

We let Adam have our Legos pretty at a pretty young age. There are several sets that are still in a bin which we have not let him touch yet but sometimes we question if we let him have them too young. We now have many decapitated Minifigs. Missing hands and feet, headless Minifigs and many mismatched along the way.

I think he’s grown out of his decapitation stage because I have been slowly putting them back together and he gets very excited when he gets a new complete one.

Brian and I both have several days off next week so our project may be to dump out the bin and put together the sets that are in a million pieces.

With all this being said Adam LOVES the Lego.  When we sit down there is always at least an hour of creative play. Sometimes it’s a building, tonight its race cars to build and play with.

I remember building Lego things with my Mom (like the 112 sheep we built) and I hope Adam remembers his Mommy and Daddy sitting down to play with him.


Lego is AWESOME!


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