My 2014 List – Take 5 Amazing Photos

I’ve started to review my 2014 list to see what I wanted to do and what I accomplished. There were many things that I just didn’t get around to blogging about along the way so the last 4 days of the year I am going to focus on some of the things I wanted to do.

Today we look at my goal to take 5 Amazing Photos. I took way more than that!

1 – This photo was taken at Epcot Center in Florida on our Family Vacation in February.

IMG_0239.JPG (2)

2 – This was also taken at Disney in the Animal Kingdom Park.


3 – This was taken just last week as we were playing at Adam’s School.


4 – This one was also taken the same day as the one before it. I just love it.jump5 – And this photo was taken on a photo walk. My first one in a long time.


On my computer I have 5,808 photos from this year and then I also have at least 1,000 more on my phone camera that are uploaded to the cloud. So to choose just 5 photos was hard. There are so many amazing ones and they are all made amazing for different reasons. These are also ones I don’t believe I have shared yet.

So number 12 on my 2014 List was successfully competed.


2 thoughts on “My 2014 List – Take 5 Amazing Photos

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