My 2014 List

It’s the last day of the year. Here is my 2014 achievement list, if you have been reading my blog all week then I have been reviewing some of the items on my list in detail. The rest I will reflect on here. See the original post here explaining things.

  1. Complete 6 Continuing Education Courses
    I completed 4 continuing education courses this year. They were Applied Quickbooks, Excel Spreadsheets, Personal and Business Taxation. The last two courses we incredibly heavy courses and I am glad I didn’t double up on them. This however puts me in a fantastic position. I am 4 courses away from completing either Bookkeeping or my Accounting Certificate. Once I decide which one to complete first I have two additional courses to take to complete the other one.
  2. Work towards a healthier lifestyle
    Brian and I both joined a gym this year. We have been working towards a healthier lifestyle. We could probably be working harder but that doesn’t matter. I have lost some weight this year and started the year off strong. The past few months have been hard for me to get to the gym because I have been pretty sick and just not feeling like going to the gym. I need to make a serious commitment and force myself to go. It’s an investment in myself. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to in my health this year but I have made the steps needed to push forward with this goal.
  3. Read 10 books
    Yes I completed this – see my list and get the links to the ones I reviewed here.

  4. Go to the Beach
    We went to a few beaches, the highlight being the one in Melbourne, Florida. Click here for a full reflection.

  5. Go to the Zoo
    We found ourselves at Disney’s Animal Kingdom which I counted as a zoo. Click here for a full reflection.
  6. Seriously look into different employment so I do not have to work another Christmas in Retail
    I did switch jobs this year albeit I am still in retail. However the retail establishment I’m in now is Children’s Clothing. It is a smaller store, different merchandise and I sailed though this Christmas without the stress I have experienced in previous years working retail. I still worked more than I had expected too, but it turns out I’m really good at my job.
  7. Go Fishing
    We had one good fishing trip under our belts this year. Click here for a full reflection.

  8. Play a Board Game
    We played many board games this year. I have started teaching Adam the game of Monopoly which he loves and we even got together with Auntie Robin and Uncle D and played Mouse Trap. Uncle D made Adam cry playing Connect 4 and when we play Monopoly Adam usually starts making up the rules as he goes along.
  9. Make S’mores
    We roasted marshmallows but failed to make full-out s’mores. I’ll count it as close enough. Click here for a full reflection.
  10. Write one thing every day for my Happiness Jar – 365 good things to blog about at the end of the year
    Nope this idea fizzled very early in January. I love the concept, however I just don’t seem to have the conviction to do it. Maybe I’ll give it ONE MORE STAB next year and if I can’t do it, give up.
  11. Have more views on my blog then last year
    Great success here! By the end of the year I should have almost 1,000 more views this year then last year! I have a consistent reader base and for that I thank you so much! Even on days I don’t blog or busy spots people are still finding and reading. Liking and sharing what I have written. This blog has grown in ways I never imagined and I love doing it (when I have time!)
  12. Take 5 Amazing Photos
    I took way more than 5 amazing photos this year. Here are some of my favourite ones.

  13. Have a family photo session with a professional photographer
    We had a nice family photo taken of us! I have a nice photo of me in my Wedding Dress. This was a huge success! Click here for a full reflection.

  14. Finish 2010 Scrapbook
  15. Start and Finish 2011 Scrapbook
  16. Start and Finish 2012 Scrapbook
  17. Start and Finish 2013 Scrapbook
  18. Start and Finish 2014 Scrapbook
  19. Finish Adam’s First Year Scrapbook (October 2010-October 2011)
  20. Start and Finish Adam’s Second Year Scrapbook (October 2011-October 2012)
  21. Start and Finish Adam’s Third Year Scrapbook (October 2012-October 2013)
  22. Start and Finish Adam’s Fourth Year Scrapbook (October 2013-October 2014)
    I FAILED AT EVEN TOUCHING ALL OF THESE! I started my Disney vacation scrapbook when we got home from Florida and I have 17 more pages to complete in that book. I will eventually finish all of these books. Even if it is the last thing I do in this life and it kills me. It’s just going to take a few years to catch up on. I am determined to make a dent at some point. This year wasn’t that year.

Overall I think this year was a fantastic year. I accomplished a lot both personally and professionally. We had a great time as a family and we had huge changes such as Adam starting school, me switching jobs, Brian and I both taking continuing education classes (which we should not be allowed to do at the same time).

I hope on this last day of the year you have a few moments to yourself to look at what happened and appreciate all the good and look forward to the next year. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be another fantastic year for myself and our family.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and Thank You so much for reading and making 2014 a great year for the blog!


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