It’s The Same Thing!

This post may have too much information for some people but it’s not over the top gross… At least in my opinion.

My foot has been itchy. The first night I assumed it was dry feet, the second night nothing helped and then the third night when I woke up at midnight with itching and burning I figured I have some athletes foot happening.

At midnight knowing that the anti – itch lotion I have in the medicine cabinet didn’t help the previous night I went hunting for something to provide relief. I found a tube of Canesten.  It’s an anti – fungal and anti – itch, it smells ok so why not smear it on my feet. And sweet relief.

While I was out I picked up some Athletes Foot Cream. Might as well have it in the house and honestly smearing a “femmine hygene” cream all over my foot just didn’t seem right.

That was until I compared the products.


They have the exact same medical ingredient in it and they have the exact same amount.

If I had know that I would have saved my $8 and just kept using the Canesten.

And when it comes to smell the Canesten is way better. . . who would have known!

So guys in a pinch don’t be afraid to use that tube of your ladies on your feet and ladies if anyone asks that tube is for your feet!


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