A Booked Calendar

My calendar for the next three days is crazy. . .


Crazy EMPTY!

YIPPEE! I have big plans for these three days of course.  There will be a bit of cleaning and laundry but I have a list of things to focus on for me.

1 – Scrapbook. I am going to be focusing on my Disney Scrapbook mainly but I have a few other ideas to attempt to get ahead on my never ending list of scrapbooks to complete so I might bring those ideas into play.

2 – Finish I Am Malala. I am within 100 pages of being complete so I think I’ll be able to knock this one off my list.

3 – Binge watch some Netflix. I finished The Office so now I must find another show to watch. I have been watching Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days series so I might just finish that up.

4 – Catch up on Bones. I am seriously behind (I think) on this season and since it’s my favourite show I should dedicate some time to it.

5 – Relax and take a Deep Breath. December was crazy. Some quiet time is exactly what I need.

It’s a good thing that I follow these crazy busy days with another 3 days off because I might need a rest.

I’m looking forward to 2:01 pm today. I’m sure I’ll be stir crazy by the end of my time off but everyone needs a break sometime.

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