My Favourite Socks

Everyone has a favourite something. Either socks, a sweater or a pair of pants.


Several years ago I was given a gift of socks and the love affair began. There is a company called LittleMissMatched. They have come up with a genius idea. Their socks do not match, but they all co-ordinate. Most of their clothing is designed and geared towards children however their socks come in adult sizes. All of their socks are sold in sets of 3. Regardless of what two socks you grab they will go. Even when you pair black and white ones the patterns still go together.

PSX_20150112_091650_resizedWhen I look at my feet when I am wearing them I get so happy. Today I have my Mickey socks that I got at Disney (which are old and worn) and my a new one which I got this Christmas.

I have one big complaint about LittleMissMatched. THEY ARE SO HARD TO GET!

The nearest store is a 9 hour drive from me in New York City. I would love to visit New York City however that is one expensive trip for socks. I was online and found some great socks on their website but they don’t ship to Canada.

If you want to check out their website it can be found at

I suggest that if you are in the area of a store check it out. They have fantastic clothing for younger girls and great socks for all ages as well as men and women. They also have a wide variety of accessories that can be enjoyed by those of all ages.

Maybe just maybe if someone from the company reads this you will consider shipping to Canada.


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