My Child Can’t Keep A Secret

Today Adam and Brian went out to buy a birthday gift for me. My birthday isn’t for another week and a bit but it sounded like the boys wanted to be prepared.

I was sleeping when they returned home. When I woke up and came downstairs Adam ran up to me with so much excitement and declared “WE GOT YOU PRESENTS!”

Of course knowing that Adam can’t lie I asked – what did you get me?

The response made Brian angry and me laugh.

“We got you a video game and knitting stuff and a big ball of string.”

He really REALLY wanted me to open my  gifts today and since I already knew what they were Brian said it was ok.


Adam super excited about my gifts.


And my gifts. I hope Adam realizes that there will be no gifts for me to open on my birthday now, and that is ok in my book. Adam and I spent the afternoon teaching ourselves how to knit.

The lesson of the day is if you want to keep a secret, make sure Adam knows NOTHING about it!


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