A Pain In My Butt

What a pain in my butt –

Honestly it’s a literal pain in my butt.

Back in November as I was walking home from work I slipped and fell. On the way to work I walked around the big sheet of ice but on the way home with some fresh snow I stepped right on it and ended up landing on my right hip/buttocks.

I was sore for a few days but kept my routine going. Walking to work, on my feet for 5 hours then walking home. It’s about 4 1/2 km of walking a day.

Turns out I did some good damage. It wasn’t until about a month later I started hurting. I am the type of person who just sucks it up and keep going. It’ll go away I kept telling myself where in reality it was just getting worse.

I caved and went to the doctor. She looked and said you need some physiotherapy.

There is a muscle that is called the Piriformis. It is a muscle that goes vertically under the buttock muscle. I have pulled it and by not resting it pushed it to the limit. What is causing the worse pain is this muscle crosses the sciatic nerve so when I am sitting because the muscle is so tight it presses against the nerve. Yes there are often tears involved.

The good news is its fixable. It’s just getting to that point. I am still allowed to work thankfully but I am not allowed to walk to work. There is a long list of other things I am not allowed to do.

Pretty much I need to rest it so we can get the swelling (which is visible) down and then we can start working on it.  I’ve been given a week to rest it.

The hard part is that it feels 100 times better when I am moving it. Standing and moving it eases the pain. But when I do that I am not giving it a chance to heal.

So this literal pain in the butt has become a much larger pain in the butt.

The great idea of walking to work and making a healthy choice was great until it became unhealthy with a fall.

I’m banned from the gym as well. I’m not even allowed to think about it for a while.

I am so glad that I found a great physiothapist who is not only going to help me fix this issue but also help me get to a position that I can get back to the gym and get back to working towards my other goals.

My “healthy” life choices just keep backfiring on me.

In the meantime I guess the lesson is don’t slip and fall and if you do, go get it checked out.

It might save a lot if pain in the future.


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