I NEED to go to NYC

I need to go to New York City. It is one of my MUST do bucket list items in life.

I went downtown for the day on Wednesday. I wanted to peek into some different shops,  waste away hours in used book stores and enjoy the sights and smells.

Well those who know the city where I live our downtown leaves something to be desired.  The smells are unappealing and the sights are well . . .

As I was walking and checking out what few shops that didn’t involve “adult entertainment” I had the thought I need to go to New York.

I can just imagine the shops to discover, the little hole in the wall places that only the locals know about. The bookstores with hidden treasures, vintage stores that has something from every generation.  The boutiques that will take you to every corner of the world.

One day I will get to NYC. Hopefully I can make the trip with my sister because I know she would love to spend the time on an adventure not knowing what surprises are on the other side of each shop door.

Hey sis, start saving your pennies. I think we have a trip to plan.


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