Adam’s First Birthday Invite

Adam got his first birthday party invitation last week.

And I’m not letting him go.

This invitation has actually caused me more anxiety and grief then it is probably worth.

When I opened his mail bag there was the envelope. I opened it and asked Adam is this little boy your friend? Adam replied no but I want to go to his party.

To be honest I don’t even know who this kid is. I asked Adam what he wears to school and what type of backpack he has. My mission all of last week was to make contact with this child’s parent/guardian and just introduce myself. Unfortunately I was never able to.

My other issue is the invite itself didn’t have the parents name,  really any details beyond what time and the address and a phone number to text or leave a message.

As parents we tell our kids not to go with strangers, don’t get into cars but heck it’s a birthday party so I guess I should just send you to this address with a gift and hope it’s all good.


I have been beating myself up over this decision. And I need to stop. There are several kids in his class that I would have no problem sending him to one of their parties. I don’t know all the parents names but we chat, at least I’ve made contact. They would also be available for me to ask them details about the party.

Adam is only 4. There will be tons of parties for him to go to. Brian also agrees that maybe he’s not quite ready for a birthday party yet.

My sister who doesn’t have children but I bounce ideas off of tells me he’ll get over it. And trust me, she would tell me if I was being an overprotective mother or completely unreasonable as an adult. However she agrees with me in this decision too.

So sorry Adam, you’ll miss this party but I’m sure you’ll forget about it. I hid the invitation and it’s at the beginning of March Break so by the time you get back to school there will be a ton of other exciting things to talk about.

As for me,  I need to make these decisions and follow my gut and stop beating myself up over them.

If this is the worse decision I have made in parenting then I really am doing ok.


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