It’s a Beautiful Day!

As I left for work this morning my hat went on, my scarf was wrapped several times around my face and the mittens went on.

I stepped outside and it was beautiful!

Keep in mind February was the coldest month EVER.

I’m not joking it was honestly the coldest month ever recorded in our city.

So as we have very slowly been warming up from -40 degrees Celsius the temperature of 4 degrees Celsius feels like summer.

I count no less then 4 people on the bus in shorts. I’m sweating in my jacket right now.  The sun is shinning and it’s about freeking time.

In the long term we have double digits in the forecast.


I hope this is the end of the frigid cold. I was sad I had to run for the bus because I wanted to enjoy the nice weather.

Let the great thaw being.

It’s been a very long winter!


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