A Better Workspace

I made a promise to myself after spending the better part of a week organizing and cleaning my office to keep it that way.

One of my big problems is the lack of working space at my desk.

It’s a small surface desk. I love the cubbies and the areas to store things but the actual desk top is small. It is impossible to have two text books open and then have a note book and area to write at the same time.

So the area is going to be reworked. I have been shopping for desks and at the high end were the $2,000 desks that I would love to have then we found an $800 used one that I liked. And then trying to save money I came across one I liked enough to make work.

The setting up of the new desk is going to take several days. But I deserve a nice work space. It all plays into a larger plan I am working on as well.

Here is my old workspace.


I’ll try and blog about the progress and promise to show an after picture.

I am probably more excited then I should be over this. I just have to remember this excitement as I am cursing myself while I am building the new work area.


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