A Work Space of My Dreams

I have had this ideal work space in my head for years. It has been a dream to have a wonderful spacious work space to spend my time in.

I have some thing I am working on right now and eventually a better work space was in the plans. I was thinking maybe next year however things happened this week!

We went looking last weekend at used furniture. (I purchased my “new” filing cabinet used, it has yet to be picked up) but the desks and furniture I had in mind was too expensive to pull the trigger on. We went to the used furniture store in the city and I found many desks that I wanted and would work but the prices started at $800-$1,200. And this is for used stuff! The brand new stuff was anywhere from $2,000-$4,000. And that amount was out of the question.

I searched online and found a desk I liked on the Costco website. It was a little under $600. It was acceptable and close enough to what I wanted. On Monday I decided to drive out to Costco to measure the box and make sure it would fit into our car so when I was ready to drop the money on it I could just run out and pick it up.

I walked into Costco and they only had one desk. It wasn’t the one that was online but it was nice enough. Then I saw the price…

Have you seen the Ikea commercial where the lady gets such a good deal she runs to her husband waiting in the car yelling “Start the car!” because she feels like it was a steal.

What a deal I got. The desk they had was priced at $369.99. I frantically ran around looking for an associate to help me get a flat cart and put it on, then to help me fit it in the car. This desk is exactly what I was looking for and the price was WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

So this week Brian and Adam helped me assemble the desk and put some finishing touches on the work area. It took a little bit to put together and then clean the aftermath of the mess. But I sit here on my computer quite comfortable thinking this is exactly what I needed and wanted.


This was my old desk. This is where I would try to do homework for my courses, any work from home, I even got cozy with people and did their taxes at this desk. In all reality it isn’t enough room for any of that. I couldn’t have two text books open at the same time which was and is a frequent occurrence in my courses.

Fast forward to today and the new work space.20150322_124701_resizedHoly transformation batman! Look at all that space to spread out my papers or textbooks. The desk is large enough that Adam can pull up the other chair and sit across from me and colour. I am also now facing outwards into the room so Adam can play on the floor and my back won’t be to him and people can’t sneak up on me like they use to.

I LOVE this space. It’s almost what I had envisioned in my mind and dreams but it doesn’t matter that it is not exactly the same. As I sit here it feels so right and I feel like I can concentrate, be productive and less frustrated with my papers piling up or searching or having to spread them all over the floor.

I think this space will be a key to something I am working on which I am not quite ready to reveal yet.

Remember earlier when I stated that I thought I got such an amazing deal. It turns out I did. After purchasing the desk I did a Google search. This desk wasn’t on the Canadian Costco site but it turns out it was on the American Costco site.


SAY WHAT! Why it is at the Canadian Store so cheap is beyond me but I will take a discount like that any chance I get.


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