10 Thought Thursday

I know, it’s suppose to be Ten Thought Tuesday and Throw Back Thursday but I dance to my own music and I’m sure the internet will not implode due to my rebellious blogging.

1) My phone updated overnight and I love the new OS or updates or whatever happened. I have an android phone so whatever new cool named system is on here now I’m happy with.

2) Adam has been sick for a few days. Daddy took one day off and I took the other off. He’s feeling better now and we’re going to send him to school today. Hopefully I don’t get a call at work.

3) I love my accounting office job and it’s coming to an end. Canadian taxes are due on April 30th (we get a bit more time then our American counterparts who’s taxes were due yestersay)

4) I really wish my deck was cleaned and set up. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy and the weather has just gotten nice so I’ve not spent much time working on it. I just want to sit out there with my book and a coffee.

5) Is everyone a criminal? I said a few blogs back that the bus wasn’t that bad. I take it back. Maybe the nice weather has brought all the criminals out of the wood work but every bus ride I am surrounded by people discussing their court cases. Complaining about going to jail, contemplating how they are going to play the system to get less time. I just want to stand up and scream “DON’T  BREAK THE FRAKING LAW!” I would just like to be surrounded by some hard working, law abiding citizens on the bus. Maybe I should not ride a bus that stops in front of the court house.

6) If I play my cards right on Sunday I might just have a day off to myself. The boys have play dates and right now I don’t  have to work. What the heck would I do all day. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this issue. Realistically I’m probably going to end up at the tax office so I’m not planning anything yet.

7) I have to get cat food. I forgot last night. On that note the cat has been rubbing up against my black pants as I type. I’m ready to drop kick him.

8) I’m reading Divergent and am really enjoying it. How I have managed to read during tax season is beyond me but only 100 more pages to go.

9) Last week we had the warmest day in the past 7 months. Thank you cold weather for leaving. I like not having to wear a parka daily.

10) I ordered business cards, letterhead and fridge magnets (damn Vista Print and their minute deals while checking out) I’m excited to see them. It means things are actually going forward. My plans aren’t just ideas. Let’s see if I can make them profitable.

In May I plan to be blogging more. Juggling life and two jobs has been busy and when I get home from sitting in front of a computer all day it’s the last thing I want to do.

Of course in May I also start 2 more of my courses so the free time I think I’ll have in my head is probably just that. A dream in my head.


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