Only In Canada

So our money is super colorful and it smells like maple syrup  (seriously we have the best bills) and we have the loonie and twoonie coins.

But today I came across something that I am still laughing about.


Today I was asked to research how to file a “Rights and Things” Return.

Come again?

I must have sounded like an idiot because I asked my boss twice to repeat herself.

Then I learned something today.

As it turns out there are 3 optional returns that can be filed for a deceased person. My text book didn’t mention it at all. We checked it as I took it to the office.

One of these returns is actually called a “Rights or Things”


I picture a bunch of people trying to decide what to call this specific return sitting around a table. At this table one of the guys is laid back, feet on the table and says “why don’t we just call it rights and things”

Everyone with lack of a better idea agrees and then they go for lunch.

I haven’t looked at the complete form yet but I am sure there are lines for things like capital gains, assets sold etc. All the “Rights and Things” that need to be claimed, disposed of and transfered at the time of death.

So there you have it, you have learned something today too and of course only in Canada would we continue the tradition of giving silly names to things.


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