I’m Going To Sale The Cats

“Mommy, I am going to sale the cats.”

When Adam says something like this you know things are going to get interesting.

I responded with my typical really Adam?

“Yes Mommy, I am going to sale the cats. I am going to be responsibility and that means we can get a dog.”

Oh yes, of course. You’ve been thinking about it and you have been listening to Daddy and I very carefully.

We have set down some guidelines and we are discussing getting a dog, and the discussion is getting a little more serious but one of the guidelines is that we will seriously consider getting a done when one or both cats are gone.

Adam realizes that the cats aren’t going to die soon, so his solution is to sell the cats. Honestly it’s not a bad idea, I’ve thought of worse things to do with the cats.

Unfortunately I don’t have the heart to sell the cats for a dog. And as much as I love tiny dogs I’m not ready to make that commitment yet. And the problem is Adam doesn’t want a small dog. He wants a BIG dog. Like a horse type dog.

We’ll keep the conversations going and who knows if maybe a new member will join our home. Until then I want to keep this going and see what other ideas Adam comes up with to deal with the cats and help him succeed in his master scheme of getting a dog.


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