How often as parents are we yelling that to our kids?

With Adam it’s daily.

We have a huge issue with the lights being turned on and not being turned off. It is always the bathroom lights and some days they stay on for 6-8 hours before we realize they were left on all day.

No wonder my hydro bills are so high!

Brian came up with a genius idea today. While going through Home Depot we went down the electrical aisle and Brian said “Why don’t we switch the light switches in the bathrooms to motion sensing ones?”

Mind Blown! I can stop yelling “Turn Off the Lights?” and when we have guests I can stop saying “the light switch is on the right.”

How much is this idea going to cost me?

Turns out very reasonable. A package with two switches was $24.99. Awesome we have two bathrooms. Then we needed to get two new face plates to accommodate the new and old switch. Those cost $7.95 each.

$46.21 was the final bill for the supplies for two bathrooms. We came home and Brian did the install right away. The first switch took a little longer because all of the directions in the package of the switch were French but both switches took under an hour to install. (15 minutes of that was me laying on the floor looking under the bathroom door to make sure the light turned off automatically)

Before our switches looked like this –


Afterwards they look awesome –


I love these new switch covers. I am tempted to change every single one in the house. Electrical outlet and switch. There are no screws showing. What a change!

We kept the fans as a normal switch because they tend not to be an issue of staying on all day.

Now the main floor bathroom lights turn on the second you open the door and turn off after 15 mintues (we can shorten that time if desired) and the upstairs bathroom turns off after 30 minutes.

The idea is fantastic. You can override and turn the light on and off. Adam thinks it’s magic and he likes to press the button to turn off the light.

One thing that we are curious about is if the cats will turn on the lights when they go in there. The main floor bathroom is a non issue because the door stays closed, but the upstairs bathroom the cats have free reign on. Also what happens if I take a 35 mintue shower. I guess we’ll find out.

Either way this I think is a great idea. Sometimes going to Home Depot just to wander around and let Adam drive the race car carts get the creative juices going and the inspiration flowing.


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